Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Call from the Vatican

So I'm using the downtime of sick leave to putter around, as one does, and since I'm currently too dizzy, fevered, and generally gross-feeling to do any actual puttering, I'm doing so digitally - noting, among other things, some things about the visitors to this little corner of the 'Tubes.

Over the past year or so, I'm happy to say, the Café has had drop-ins from dozens of countries, expected and less (hello, Croatia! Bon jour, Senegal!). Yesterday, though, I noted the first that I've seen from That Rather Different Nation State, the Vatican.

I can only hope that my Gentleman Caller (given the place's demographic, I think the gender's a safe bet) is more along the lines of Father Pecs-n-Abs here, or perhaps the kind of cleric that turns up on Fabulon...

Just as much as I hope that it wasn't a moment's attention from the miniscule principality's miniscule principal, that elderly, gilt-tiara'ed, lace-encrusted, Prada-shod Teutonic Orc himself.

Just in case our Mystery Guest returns, I suppose I should mention that, whatever else I may be, I am not Roman Catholic. But I do look pretty spiffy in the right surplice, if I say so myself...


  1. The pope-guy couldn't look creepier... egads. Miss J almost fainted.

  2. it's gotta be the Mr. Patel postings.
    The pope is a huge fan.

  3. You may not be Roman Catholic but you've done a lot of genuflecting, have you not?

  4. In that pic Ratzinger appears to be adutioning for Gollum in the stage version of Lord Of The Rings.

  5. A very bad man running a supremely corrupt organization.

    Thank goodness I decided against joining their ranks when my HS mentor Fr. Chuck tried got a bit too friendly with me.

    My vocation negation was forever sealed two years later when my college chaplain Fr. LaMorte (fabulous name) got me drunk and invited me to spend the night. Of course, both of these upstanding members of the brotherhood are still in service.

    Years later, in my oat sowing days, I had a little romance with a man of the cloth. Never tried on a surplice, but I look fairly fetching and authentic in a collarino.