Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweetness and Light

After the potential trauma of the last post, why don't we consider this highly uncharacteristic shot of the once and future Margo Channing. I find it fascinating that even with a girly (and almost encleavaging) jersey dress, flatteringly soft hairstyle, and freaking floral arrangement, she still can't manage a demure expression.


  1. Ruth Elizabeth was a sensible, strident New England Yankee gal through and through.

    Demure was not in her repertoire. Warmth, softness and reserve were also tough to come by. She was as soft and warm as the winter winds of her native Massachusetts.

    But if you wanted flinty, hard-edged efficiency - if you wanted to get it done - Bette was your girl.

    She'll always be mine.

  2. Was this picture taken before or after Bette decided to make a career out of portraying various caricatures of herself?
    By the way, I loved her and still watch all her oldies over and over again.