Monday, March 30, 2009

Soon it's Gonna Rain...

So. Remember that spot of weather I mentioned a while back? It would seem we're in for a fair spell of it, something quite rare in these parts. In preparation for what looks to be a day or so of moderate rain with some thunder and lightning, all schools have closed for two days, and the Interwebs are aflutter (if not quite aTwitter yet - we're late adapters out here) with rumors that the government will close, that the wadis will flood, and that vast hailstorms will roar out of nowhere and total all our cars, etc., etc., etc.,

I suppose this all wouldn't seem quite so absurd if I hadn't been raised in the kind of place where, when there's a four-day blizzard, we might maybe - maybe - get an hour's late arrival at school on day four...


  1. I can relate :)

    But remember *snow days*?

  2. All this weather talk is waking up my Jim Cantore jones.