Friday, March 27, 2009

Diva Paraphernalia: Necessary Accessories

Another Fabulon inspiration: lorgnettes!

As wielded by a startling variety of great ladies:

Miss Callas, staring down an upstart who might actually be trying to give her direction;

Couturière Valentina, either trying to suss out the details of a somewhat-too-distant hemline or checking what mischief her husband is getting up to with Miss Garbo;

And last, but never least, the vivacious Miss Beatrice Lillie, deploying for comic effect what actually might be a rather useful thing: the lorgnette-six shooter.

Along with reticules, dress clips, and lipstick-covers, lorgnettes are among the most critically threatened entries on the Endangered Accessories List. Won't you do what you can to bring them back?


  1. There's always hope for the reticule. We've sold some in the store.

    For dozens of dress clip ideas from a bevy of stars and starlets, check here.

    And when they make Lady Peel: The Beatrice Lillie Story, Elizabeth Perkins is a shoe-in for the title role.

  2. I've got one! It doesn't have a handle, true, but I like to whisk it out of my breast pocket at the Museum to study the brushstrokes.

    Also good for reading checks in dim restaurants. No klutzy unfolding of earpieces.

  3. I don't mean to unnerve you, RJ, but I feel obliged to let you know that if you are looking through a pair of handle-less lenses, you might well not have a lorgnette - you may be the proud owner, in fact... of a pince-nez!

    Which only makes me all the more envious.