Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So What Do You Think?

Okay. I give up. Can anyone explain to me just what that is that onetime screen favorite Constance Bennett had on her head at the wedding of her niece, Joan Bennett's daughter? No wonder the bride looks so startled.

In order to solve this fashion/grooming mystery, I'm launching the first-ever Café Muscato Poll! Simply turn your attention to the top of the right-hand column and let your voice be heard. Is it:

  • A Hat; it looks like that on purpose;
  • A Wiglet, unfortunately styled; or
  • An Ottoman; Connie had one too many and a little accident en route to the reception.
I already can't stand the suspense.


  1. I think it is a hat - oddly put! may be made of stripes of cloth -

  2. Personally I think (knowing of the rivalry between the two sisters and after all it is her nieces wedding) that she is wearing a snake charmers basket on her head. Ready to strike at any moment upon her whispered hiss. It might also explain the brides expression of apprehension.

  3. a pill box hat...for a lot of pills.

  4. Did she borrow that from the wardrobe of "Madame X"?

  5. It's a basket. She is obviously a BASKET CASE!

  6. The hat is an homage to her role as Marion Kerby in the original Topper movies.