Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun with Finance

Ah, madam, you are not alone. It was another era that the divine Helen Hokinson was invoking in this, one of her immortal New Yorker cartoons, but it does strike home. We're hardly starving at the Villa Muscato, but things do seem a bit grim out there in the Great Wide World, no?


  1. These are the times when I am glad to have grown up and remianed rather middle class. I never had a whole lot and have always lived within my means.

    When I bought my first house, I had a mattress and boxsprings on the floor, copy paper boxes for night stands, a card table & chairs for dining, and a 14" portable TV on the floor with no cable. And it was bliss because it was mine and I owed no one.

    I feel quite prepared to solider through any tough financial times ahead.

    And as a former Catholic, a second generation Irish lad, and a gay man of a certain age, I can always find the exquisite beauty in selfless, silent suffering if things get really tough...

  2. Geez - somebody's been watching Irene Dunne pictures again!

    But actually - I quite agree. When I've splurged, I could afford it. When not, I don't, and don't miss it.

  3. lol - I did get a little carried away with myself, didn't I?