Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Call of the Open Road

Well, darlings, just like our dear Miss Ruth Gordon here, we're going to be taking a little hiatus, as Mr. Muscato and I running off on a mid-March mini-break, heading up the Gulf a tad to see what is and isn't true about this Year of Living Dangerously in former boomtown Dubai: are there really abandoned cars gathering dust at the airport? Is it true that you can drive uninterrupted across town at mid-day in 30 minutes? Is is possible that prices might actually come down a tad on the occasional shirt or jacket at Harvey Nicks?

We shall see, and tell, all. But in the process, things may be a little quiet. A thousand pardons, and watch this space.


  1. Like Taylor and Nova wandering off into The Forbidden Zone...Why not head up in loincloths and on horseback?

    Safe travels.

    (in his best Lauren Bacall) Hurry Back, hurry back....

  2. have a wonderful time, Muscato's.

  3. Happy trails to you, until we meet again!!!
    Does Koko come along on this escapade?

  4. Bon voyage, darlings! I'll keep an eye on the houseboys while you're gone.

  5. Have a great time...but hurry back. I love your blog.