Friday, March 13, 2009

Wisdom from the East

The first and, to date, only time I saw Charade - rising forty years ago, children - I was simply too young and found it entirely mystifying (if clearly memorable). It was gratifying to find this Japanese poster for the picture, as it conveys incredibly clearly exactly what my confusion felt like. Although it omits one element I found fascinating: Audrey's shoes.

Figures, no?


  1. audrey's shoes are wonderful...

  2. I have a vague 4:30 Movie memory of it and only recall that Grant was too old for Audrey and that she looked great and I wanted her clothing.

  3. Oh! "Charade" is one of my all-time favorite films: the costumes, the scenery, the music, and of course, Cary and Audrey, are all to die for.

    RE: the age difference, the script makes light of it throughout, so it never seems creepy.

    Givenchy's costumes are the height of early 1960's streamlined elegance, and of course, they're all simple, gorgeous, and would be perfectly in style today.