Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adam 12, Adam 12

I can't imagine what kind of pickle dear Miss JoAnne Worley has gotten herself into, but I'm sure the stalwart boys in blue of Adam 12 will get her out of it. Before they get each other out of those uniforms, that is...


  1. Oh, my dear, the Adam 12 guys, how I longed for them. Although,JoAnne was probably more fun.

  2. Always fancied being Mrs. Mantooth!

  3. Ayem8y, my little sister was also a big fan of Mantooth over on Emergency!

    Me, I would have loved to have gone out and gotten lost or trapped and then been saved by Officer Jim Reed. I would have made a devoted and contented Mrs. Kent McCord.

    McCord is still quite dashing at 66 and has been married to the same woman (dammit) for 46 years.