Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well, What Brings You Here?

Koko, Miss Crawford, Dalida videos, Upen Patel - even Mr. Muscato. You'd think that any one of these Café regulars would be among the leading attractions hereabouts. But no. A quick perusal of our visitors indicates one clear favorite:

Yes, it's dapper Indonesian spokesmodel and political candidate Adrian Maulana!

In recent weeks, we've had scores of visitors from all over seeking our trenchant, cogent pensées on his chances in the coming parliamentary general elections. Dear Mr. M., you see, is one of a number of non-traditional aspirants - actors, models, TV personalities - known collectively as artis.

From Jakarta to Uppsala, Sweden (where there seems to be a positive Maulana-mania - hello, Uppsala!) and any number of points in between, they come for Adrian, and stay for the wry musings about Eastern-bloc design and misty recollections of days gone by.

I tend to find that Adrian's appeal is in inverse proportion to the actual amount of clothing he is wearing, and so find him preferable in sportswear...

...but really most in his element in even more casual attire. One almost hopes, guiltily, that he is not the choice of the Indonesian voters, just so we can be assured that he will continue in a career so clearly suited to his (considerable) gifts.

I hope our Adrian-seeking visitors find what they're looking for. I have to confess that beyond Mr. M., I know virtually nothing of Indonesia (although I do enjoy, as who doesn't, a nice Nasi Goreng now and again), and I really can't think that most of them are all that interested in Kay Francis and terriers.

But isn't that the joy of the Internet - how we can savor the way totally random things collide?


  1. Delectable as he is shirtless, I think Adrian would look better, when suited, with a little more color. The monochromatic hit man look isn't doing it pour moi.

  2. I'm afraid that whatever disctinctions Jakarta may hold, it does not, at least appear on the basis of Our Boy's wardrobe, to be a fashion capital.

    Yet another reason he should be encouraged to wear as little as possible, no?