Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Public Service

Never let it be said that around here at the Café we're not responsive to our regulars; our dear Mean Reds recently queried whether it might not be a good idea to consider the life and career of one Eduardo Noriega, an actor he characterized enthusiastically as "amazingly guapo."

I have to admit his was, to me, a new name, but, ever one to serve, dutifully I headed out onto the Interwebs. My hopes were high, given my fellow aesthete's marked enthusiasm for ultraliciously bollystarry types such as Messrs Patel, Abraham, and Morea.

Initially, though, I was somewhat underwhelmed. Here, I thought was a pleasant enough young man, but really perhaps more one of Thombeau's or Peenee's houseboys than the kind of slightly, well, swarthier types generally found in these parts.

Nonetheless, I persevered, and additional evidence began to sway my judgment.

In the end, I admit, I find myself close to capitulation. He will doubtless only be yet more vintage in a decade or so, but for the moment, in a (Patel-less) pinch, he'd more than do.

I shall, out of a continuing, selfless sense of duy, continue my research.


  1. stunning! my kind of man!!! holy mother of god...

  2. he's in an argentine film,"burnt money."

  3. Yes, Larry, and in the Argentine film, he plays the enviable role of a gay bank robber.
    But the DVD for Abre los Ojos (which is gold to the tin of Tom Cruise's remake Vanilla Sky)...and count how many times you push the pause button just to get a closer look...

  4. Stills don't do him justice, dear Muscato. On screen, he's positively delicious -- with the requisite swarthiness you ask, nay, demand of your objets d'amour.