Friday, February 6, 2009

Birthday Girls: Glamour Overload

Wow! What are the odds that two such divinities could have shared a birthday? Strange as it is, it appears to be true:

Sari Gabor Belge Hilton Sanders Hutner Cosden Ryan O'Hara Alba Lichtenberg, known these days as Princess Zsa Zsa von Anhalt, was born this day somewhere in Mitteleurope sometime toward the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and basically the world hasn't had a tranquil moment since.

The only comparatively less tempestuous Mamie Van Doren is also celebrating today.

It deeply gratifies me that both these remarkable creatures continue to grace this low world in which we find ourselves. Until they depart for Fabulon, we are lucky indeed to be able to savor a kind of ultrastyle in all too short supply these days.

And wouldn't Zsa Zsa Van Doren make a great drag name?


  1. That IS a great drag name!

    wv: adistics, as in:

    Intervention helps adistics to recover.