Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dream Destinations

I understand that Dnieprostroy is lovely this time of year. Especially the factories.


  1. How nice it would be to attend a lecture in which someone knowledgeable deconstructed this tight 1920s image.

  2. Remember the train station scene in MGM's "The Kozlov Girls" where Judy Garlandanov and Ray Bolgerenko sang "On the Dnieprostroy, Odessa and the Kharkov-Kiev"?

    All the peasants & workers join in. All those pale, ruddy faces falling in lockstep behind them. Grunting and gutteral in unison. All those drabbly colored wool coats and babaushkas - a rainbow of greys and browns!

    I love that scene!

  3. With Angela Lansburova as the strumpet who actually shows up wearing lipstick and a necklace? Who could forget!