Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hearty Good Wishes

On this day for promoting all things romantic,

Whether you are celebrating with cupcakes (actual),

Or cheesecake (metaphorical);

Or simply the traditional heart-shaped box of candy (Barbie-footed Hollywood legend optional);

We hope you have fun.

And remember - as I know all too well from long pre-Mr. Muscato experience: as intensely depressing or at the very least off-putting as this particular holiday can be for singles, it at least means priced-to-move chocolate for the next week or so, which has to be worth something...


  1. miss hayworth is on her tip toes! you are right about the candy...thankfully,i'm not single...

  2. I have been finding little boxes of Necco Candy Hearts everywhere the last two days. In my coat pocket, my lunch bag, my car console, my luggage (we travelled to Philly on a buying trip for the store), my dresser drawer.

    A bunch of lovely little surprises from Ed.

    I have plowed through 2 boxes, reading every heart, but have yet to come across the rare and coveted "Cafe Muscato" heart.

    Good excuse to keep eating...

  3. i just played,"surry with the fringe on the top." it makes me cry. bless blossom dearie..

  4. very good point...(re: chocolate price reduction)...thank you for a little ray of chocolate in the bleakness.