Monday, February 16, 2009

After and Before: King of the Flickers

This mild-mannered elderly gentleman is none other than an idol of the Silent Screen, the original Ben Hur's blood enemy: Francis X. Bushman...

Vaudeville Grandma Muscato retained until the end of her days a breathless quality about him. She maintained that until you'd seen him opposite Beverly Bayne in 1928's Modern Marriage, you'd never understand screen romance, and who are we to say her nay?

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  1. One who sips the occasional coffee, and has had the honour of an audience with Koko, opines that:
    Koko possesses a too rare quality which sets him apart from other photogenic stars in your firmament of glamour.
    Koko has the divine look and the bright intensity of beauteous youth that will not dim as he enters the twilight of old age.
    Oh to be the tinkling Koko.