Sunday, February 22, 2009


Jackman. Apparently he's going to be on television this evening. It won't get started until well into Monday for us, so I likely won't see any of it.

It all seems rather academic, in any case, since it turns out I've not seen a single one of the nominees. Was Mamma Mia! released this year? I think that's the only new movie I saw all last year, Bollywood, of course, excepted. Why isn't Mamma Mia! getting any Oscars?

The above, of course, is from Hugh's The Boy From Oz era; it seems apt, if only because he's more or less dressed as an Oscar. I always thought the casting in this was rather unfair; the real Peter Allen, while infinitely talented and a spectacular showman, in his wildest dreams by no means looked like this.

I can't even begin to justify running this photo, except, well, look at it. Some things need no justification.

Enjoy Oscar night. It's only starting to hit me that never again may we see an Oscar presented by a Real Star (i.e. one who made at least one movie before or during World War II), but at least Meryl's got a chance this year.

If at any point he takes off his shirt, I hope someone will let me know.


  1. Posting photos of Hugh never requires an explanation, or an apology.

    RE: Boy From Oz... it was a sight better casting than Mr. Leach as Mr. Porter!

    WV: Trippete. What happens when you only take half a hit of acid?

  2. I believe the leopard-shirted Jackman is actually from that year's Tony telecast. It looks like an outfit borrowed from Cher's Laverne character.

    The Boy from Oz owed everything it was to dear Hugh. He was every inch a great big Broadway star. He transformed mediocre material into smashing, joyous, musical theatre heaven. He had the entire audience in the palm of his hand the whole time he was onstage.

    I was quite heartened to hear of his recent real estate purchase in NYC and hopes he returns to the Broadway boards sometime soon.

    Real movie stars? My heart breaks with yous, Muscato. The business & the world have changed too much. We won't ever again see the likes of the stars that came out of the studio system.

  3. Dear Bill -- I don't know about you, but in my mind at least, the palm of Hugh's hand was NOT where I was imagining myself when I watched his extraordinary performance.

  4. hmmm...did you say something?
    I'm sorry, I'm a bit distracted.

  5. TJB, I was actually imaging my palms and Hugh and...oh, nevermind.

  6. mamma mia was horrible. That is why it is not nominated. Poor Pierce Brosnan...I had such hopes for him, then I saw him try to act while singing.

  7. And there we'll have to agree to disagree, my dear - I loved every shiny, plastic, glittery moment of it, up to and including Pierce's vocalizing. Easily the best musical since At Long Last Love.

  8. :) I've never seen At Long Last Love. I'll put it on my list to watch...

    thanks for sharing your wisdom.