Wednesday, February 18, 2009

High Heel Hussy

I have no idea if anyone will think this a challenge or not, but just in case: who is this lady who's lunching?


  1. Elaine Stritch seems to obvious a choice.

    Based on the hairdo (and the apparent flirting), my guess is Shelley Winters. She's a bit too toned (and dressed a bit too trashy) to be Betty Hutton or Doris Day.

  2. Those legs, those ankle straps, those shoulders, I’m betting its Joan Crawford? Around the time she was sporting the Auntie Mame (cheesecake colored with a hint of pumpkin pie) hairdo.

    Theoretically and chronologically it could also be Brigitte Nielson.

  3. Looking more closely at this, I now realize it looks very much like "She" is preparing to take a piss on that poor schmoe's leg.

  4. Please, Mr. P.! This is not that sort of blog. Which is probably a shame, but there we are...