Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's not something I'm especially proud of, but I still think this is a great look. Simon never really did it for me, but ... Nick Rhodes. Sigh. That hair; that eyeliner; those pushed-up sleeves.

And oh, for the days in which I could wear horizontal stripes without doing an inadvertent Mamie van Doren impression...


  1. To this day, my favourite picture of Nick was on his wedding day. The both wore the same shade of pink lipstick, flamingoes everywhere and Nick in a fuschia tuxedo. Classic.

    Simon on the other hand...yum. I always thought he was packing something a little bigger than just a 7 and the Ragged Tiger. *wink*

  2. It was always Roger Taylor for me. With the odd exception of a guitar player, like the Dead's Bob Weir or the gorgeous Glenn Frey, I always fell for the drummer:

    Keith Moon, Don Henley, Charlie Watts, David Robinson (The Cars), Ringo (yes, Ringo), Gene Krupa, Gina Shock...

    Lick those skins, Boys.