Monday, August 3, 2009


A Belle Époque fantasy, courtesy of Mr. Beaton and the ravishing creations of Mr. Charles James; London, 1948.

How extraordinary these dresses must have seemed at the time, coming in the midst of lingering post-war rationing and all that had happened in the past ten years or so....


  1. ah...they are miraculous. I read a book about him a few years ago...or I should say, obsessively pored over and over the illustrations.

  2. what a fascinating man and fabulous designs. There's a great pic someplace of Millicent Rogers wearing the gold-and-ecru vaginal cutout number that's 3rd from left in this picture.
    I expect that most wearers of this fabulosity never actually sat down at a party. Perhaps they were just carried in and out by their valets.

  3. With all that lovely fabric, I'm sure that those swans could trumpet in those dresses and no one would be the wiser.