Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Songs for the New Depression

Ah, Elna and Rigmor. Well, whatever else can be said, it is clear that these two ladies are, in fact, making their own kind of music.


  1. I almost spewed my coffee when I saw this. Couldn't they have chosen a more lively shot for their album cover??
    I gather that Danish teenage boys swoon and fling themselves onto the stage when Elna and Rigmor do their version of "Like a Virgin."

  2. Did you know Elna and Rigmor were Julie Wilson's backup band once? It all went downhill quickly after the Unfortunate Incident with the chorus boys.

  3. i'm diggin' the keys on that accordian(?) it looks more like a IBM selectric...veddy cool. we had an old italian accordian in the family years ago & it had keys like an organ/piano. who knew that scandanavia had its own special keyboard....and that hat! it looks like her skirt matches it....i bet she's a stewardess on SAS.

  4. Oh, Muscato, you're the tonic for what ails me!

    This perfectly absurd picture provided just the laugh I needed on a very trying day of dealing with the absurdity of a customer "issue" in the new store.

  5. Darling, I was just thinking the other day, I haven't tagged anyone in simply AGES and then, wham, a new tag pops up over on mrpeenee. Since I always pass these on to you, consider yourself tagged.

    Luv ya, mean it.