Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Breaking! Cliché Confirmed

Yes, it's true: it is the humidity. We're learning that old lesson anew this week here in our little Sultanate, and we're greatly enjoying it.

The beginning of August, in these parts, often features a week or so when, despite the heat being quite unrelenting, the usual 100% level of all-pervasive, steam-your-sunglasses damp breaks, and we find it possible actually to remain outdoors for more than the usual quick building-aircon to car-aircon dash. Twice this week Mr. Muscato and I have actually sat out for anything up to two hours in the early evening - the longest we've been in the open air since returning from our summer jaunt.

I know, from sad experience, that this will be but a transitory oasis, with a good six more weeks at least of full-on summer up ahead, but you take what you can get. That, and the knowledge that we have six months or so of irreproachably perfect days and nights once the summer wanes, will get us through...

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  1. The humidity gives my hair such a lovely curl...but who needs a curly back?