Monday, August 24, 2009

Puzzled in the Playhouse

Well, not so puzzled anymore - not since dear Plumcake (whose fab blog is for the Big Girl in all of us) so cleverly solved yesterday's debut Café rebus. Yes, as she craftily worked out, Jo {March} + (Ankh - A) + Raw {steak} + {Model T} Ford works out to Lucille "Billie" Cassin Lesueur Fairbanks Tone Terry Steele. That was fun, and if you're not careful, I'll inflict another on you.

The photos that form the triptych above were taken at one of Crawford's later public appearances, in April of 1973, when she took to the stage of New York's Town Hall as part of series of tributes to great ladies of film organized by publicist extraordinaire John Springer (you can read the whole interview here).

And guess what? Leo Lerman was, in fact, in the audience. I'll spare you his description, but it's characteristically fabulous.

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  1. actually, these three photos of joanie are quite lovely. so unposed, natural.....something she didn't do too often.

    is there anyplace leo wasn't?