Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mother, Jugs & Wigs

The problem that, at some level, has dogged every stage of Raquel Welch's career is summed up in this photograph, taken at the launch of her eponymous line of wigs: even after something like 137 years in show business, she is unable to look significantly more interesting than the column-mounted wig heads displaying what look suspiciously to me like repurposed Eva Gabors.


  1. Damn, though, she still looks GREAT without looking freakish like most stars her age. Wanna know something odd about Raquel? She's only about 5'6!

  2. In defense of freakish-looking stars of all ages, this photo dates back to '98. I'm sure she's had plenty of time since then to stretch, pull, pump, and otherwise generally alter.

    As for height - well, really, most of the great ladies are tiny, no? Swanson barely topped out at 5'; Kay Francis was considered a potential casting problem at 5'7". When it comes to leading ladies, it's Alan Ladd's world, and they just live in it.