Saturday, August 15, 2009

La Stupenda

"Joan Sutherland is a cross between Margaret Dumont
and a high-school pageant." - Leo Lerman

I really can't tell you how much I'm enjoying Lerman's journals, published a few years ago as The Grand Surprise. And I have to warn you - there will likely be more of these, as it turns out that some of his best friends are some of my favorite ladies...


  1. thank you SO much! i just ordered the book...just another reason why i love to visit!

  2. Sounds like a book for my list. Thanks for the tip, Muscato.

  3. Mr. Lerman would have been delighted to meet you, Muscato. So many friends in common and such shared appreciation of the silly and sublime. Mr. Foy, his lover of five decades, and I, his editor, are very happy to find you here and now. You've made us laugh with him yet again.

  4. Oh, my goodness! What a treat. I really am astonished by the book, which is of course a feat of editing, on top of its own brilliance.

    I plan one last Lermania-post (at least - it's hard to resist some of the descriptions) and will say a little about my connections to that world. If nothing else, though, all this folderol has at least sold a couple of copies! Not quite Oprah, but I do what I can...

  5. For longevity of The Grand Surprise, the best thing is to have it passed from knowing hand to hand--well, actually to have knowing hands point to a bookshop, but you get the drift.

    Thanks very much. He'd be delighted, and busy tracing the many ways you and he were connected.

  6. Well, from the comments here, I know I've sold at least two copies, so that's something, I hope!