Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Who Do You Suppose She Offended?

I don't know the studio - I'm leaning toward Columbia - but they've very nearly achieved the impossible: making Rita Hayworth look dreadful. I frankly wouldn't have thought it possible to dress anyone so radiant so entirely badly, but there you go. It looks like she's being attacked by a sparkly art deco tarantula. And why would anyone take some of the most beautiful hair ever seen on screen and torture it into a poodle 'do?

So many mysteries...


  1. didn't she piss harry off a lot?

  2. The hair-don't does make her look haughty and regal, to match her facial expression. Perhaps the producer had a thing for the dominatrix look.
    I just learned a piece of trivia looking at a 1960 issue of Life....supermodel Bettina was Aly Khan's last mistress before his death. He certainly had good taste in women in the looks department.

  3. At first glance I thought it was Lucille Ball. And that's not right!

  4. I thought the very same thing, Thom.