Monday, August 3, 2009

In Soviet Russia, Bossa Nova Blames You!

The pantsuits; the not-quite-matching (to be kind) granny dresses; and oh, my God, the hairdos, male or female. Only the fact that none of the girls are Andrea Martin convinces me that this isn't really a lost SCTV skit.

I don't know what will strike you as scariest, but my vote is either with the sub-Bjorn male lead at 1:25 or the Catskilliscious zombie keyboardist at 2:12. Any Russophils out there who can shed any light at all on this true time capsule of terrible?

(And, no, I'm not proud that I stole the headline from a Youtube commenter - but really, could I resist?)


  1. She a Brick House, baby. A Chernobyl Brick House.

  2. I love the foxy lady with her rocking Russfro!

  3. It's a song called "Tomorrow", so think Andrea McCardle not Andrea Martin.