Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sir Noël Puts One Over

Consider this as penitence for inflicting La Zadora on you all yesterday, carissimi - Noël Coward performing one of his comic creations being about as far at the opposite ends of the entertainment spectrum as can be imagined.

As you will gather from the introduction, this clip is from the extraordinary 1955 CBS special Together with Music, which brought together Coward and Mary Martin for a ninety-minute lovefest the survival of which makes me terribly happy. There are lots more bits on the Youtube, and you really ought to go see them, pronto.

And Uncle Harry? Well, he certainly reminds me of some of my relatives, I do know that.

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  1. Noel Coward is one of my favorite figures... He sent a telegram to Gertrude Lawrence on the first night of Lady In The Dark that read:
    A warm hand in your opening.

    Thanks for this great clip. I didn't know that it existed.
    As the blog!