Saturday, August 1, 2009

Famed Psychic's Head Explodes!

Well, there goes the last shred of my free time. The good folks at Google Books have now made available 25 years worth of America's greatest periodical, the fabulous Weekly World News. I can't tell you how much I've learned in just the past few hours about apparitions of Jesus, the continuing survival of Hitler, Elvis, and Bigfoot, and, of course, the life and loves of Jackie O.

The WWN also featured two of my very favorite writers: editorialist Ed Anger, who never met a news item that didn't make him madder than a cocktail waitress at a Mormon convention, and the world's bitchiest advice columnist, Dear Dotti, who never hesitated to tell a despondent correspondent that she really might be better off dead. I had had high hopes that I would get through a couple of Trollope novels this summer, but now I know better.

The only disappointment is that the archive, at least at the moment, doesn't extend quite far enough back to include either the legendary headline referenced in the title up above or my other favorite, "Toilet Baby Miracle." I can only hope they're coming soon.


  1. well now darn it! how will I protect myself from pouring over these pages and pages of hysterical fiction posing as journalism?

    this is going to be brilliant!

  2. what a gas! My favorite headline of theirs was "Tot Drowns in Mop Bucket."

  3. I cannot believe you did this to me. One of my favorite Ed Anger?
    "I love Madonna: She's got the best pipes since Patti Page!"

  4. Wasn't there once a headline about Muscat Boy found living in a cave in West Virginia...or was that Bat Boy?