Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Rebus Time!





Believe it or not, the idea to post this came to me in a dream last night. Whom am I to defy the mystical forces of the subconscious?

Given that I don't generally even particularly like puzzles, it seems all the odder. If I were (even more) hypochondriacal, I'd be worried that a sudden, dubious mental flurry of this sort means some kind of underlying neurological issue, but instead I think I'll attribute it to too much Ramadan eating too close to bedtime.

Feel free to solve this, I fear, deeply obvious little riddle.


  1. Once again proving that we are soul sisters, I hate puzzles, too. All I come up with is Louisenkmeaty, which makes me wonder if Ramadan is affecting you more deeply than I had thought.

  2. Kate plus ankh = Kate nkh plus Meat plus Model T ? Can't eat meat, Kate and Mr. T cannot eat meat...Kan't meet you at picnic. Outing with females from the 20s with Model T wondering if Kate eats meat? Am I even close! Argh!! I hate those damn things!!

  3. I think perhaps it's Press Junkets. Possibly so?

    BTW - I read you everyday and suffer terribly along with you on those days when other things get in the way. :-)

  4. Jo from Little Women
    Raw meat
    Ford Model T

    Genius Mr. Muscato! I especially like the Mommie Dearest steak reference.

  5. Bravo Plumcake! (which sounds like it ought to be part of a military cypher).

    And bravo, to Mark, for a solid try - I do hope you'll walk us through your solution.

    And as for Peenee - I think I will immediately start writing romance novels under the nom de plume Louise N.K. Meaty.

  6. Crap! I missed Mad Men and a puzzle last night?!

    (mutters to self)...must check the cafe more often...