Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Want to be Happy?

If so, even if you've headed back to the chain gang after a too-short long weekend, or are, like us, almost through another week but not quite there yet, watch this video: it will make you happy.

Yes, it's Ruby Keeler, all grown up and decades later, having her late-in-life triumph in No, No, Nanette! She and her chorus are caught here on shaky video that nonetheless makes crystal clear just why, in her day and in her way, the lady was a star. What didn't always work on screen, coming across as stiff or artless, is here transformed into pure charm, the sort of stage charisma that rolls across the footlights in waves of sheer warmth and good cheer. And make no mistake: the lady can dance.

There - don't you feel better, even on Labor Day Tuesday?

1 comment:

  1. For a little more fun with Ruby, I recommend The Making of No, No, Nanette! by Don Dunn.

    A pleasant, gossipy and informative read that will forever imprint the name of ruthless producer Cyma Rubin on your brain.