Monday, September 28, 2009

Lamé Ladies

Our favorite foursome, seen here taking their moniker a little too literally. I think, based on this snap, it's entirely possible that Betty White's hair is actually not able to be styled any differently.


  1. some gals find a style that works. some styles find a gal that works. whatever.

    wv: squef- is that a bit of gas escaping from a secret lady place?

  2. I recently heard a wonderful story of Bea driving onto the lot where the show was filmed. In full view of the studio audience, who were waiting outside of the soundtage for addmitance, she cruised into her parking spot with a cigarette in one had grasping the wheel while the other hand clutched a flask that she was slugging from.

    The talent coordinator later mentioned to her that perhaps this was not desirable while her fans were looking on. Miss Arthur humbly demmured, expressing shock and dismay at the possibility that she might have offended anyone and thanked him profusely for bringing it to her attention.

    The next day at the appointed hour Miss Arthur swung into the same parking space--with tinted windows!

  3. I will always be grateful to GG and Bea Arthur for the fantastic episode arc about Dorothy's battle with chronic fatigue syndrome. As someone who lives with chronic fatigue myself, I can tell you that everything about those episodes rang true 100%.