Saturday, September 26, 2009

That's Mr. Egypt to You

Egypt's leading contender for world recognition in handsomeness pageants, the delectable Mr. Tarek Naguib, is sadly no more immune than his Bollywood counterparts to Questionable Fashion Choices.

This little ensemble raises two questions: how much larger would the wristwatch have to be before it actually affected his balance? And: would the outfit have looked more or less silly with the necktie tied (which brings up one more question: is that shirt actually cut so that it's physically possible to bring the top buttons together?)?

According to pageantcentric blog the beauty mania® (with its arguable tagline "everybody is born beautiful…™" - have they seen the Indonesian Mega Baby?), Tarek may be ditching the Manhunt franchise (still no word on this year's iteration, alas) to make a run at Mr. World. We wish him luck - and better stylists. With the raw material he's got, I think they should opt for a "less is more®™" philosophy, don't you?

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