Monday, September 28, 2009

The Mrses. Grant

Poor dear Cary; such a complicated private life. He started with a luminous star, made immortal by Chaplin but essentially the celluloid version of a One Hit Wonder...

He continued as one of the two non-titled husbands of the World's Richest Girl, Princess Countess Mrs. Princess Sra. Baroness Princess Barbara Woolworth Hutton Mdivani von Haugwitz-Reventlow Grant Trubetskoy Rubirosa von Cramm Doan, seen here by Beaton...

...before moving on to a refreshingly simply named actress.

Who was followed, after a while, by a far less restful successor...

...before rounding things out with a granddaughter substitute.

But through it all, he never looked happier than when he bunked with the cowboy star who also shone in FredandGingerland. There's a lesson for us all there, but I'm too distracted at the thought of Randolph Scott in Barbara Hutton's tiara to think it through...


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  2. barbara must've been just awful, the worst kind of entitled, so needy, so bored. says a lot about cary.

  3. Interesting to me that, at least in these two photos, Ms. Hutton and Mr. Scott have a bit of a resemblance to one another.

  4. That Hutton-Randy thing has been troubling me ever since you pointed it out, Bill. I think there may be something in that...and what it is, I don't like to think.

  5. True fact: Betsey Drake turned Mr. Grant onto LSD in the 60s. They remained very close after their divorce, and Miss Drake was quite the lover of acid at one time. So she turned on her good friend/ex-husband, too.