Friday, September 25, 2009

"Adam-12, Adam-12: See the Birthday Boy"

Many happy returns of the day to perennial small-screen leading man Kent McCord, who along with partner in playacted-crime Martin Milner enlivened my childhood Saturday nights. Grandmother Muscato and I rarely missed an episode, and I suspect we both enjoyed it largely because of the eye candy, although it's not something we discussed (ditto on our shared fondness for Lyle Waggoner).

Adam-12 may have been McCord's career highlight, but he's gone to be a leader in the Screen Actors Guild and quite steadily employed, still not hard to look at in his late 60s and generally apparently an okay guy. Grandmother Muscato always did have good taste...


  1. Kent McCord, Lyle Waggoner...

    Aren't we forgetting Jack Lord?

  2. i always thought he was cute...

  3. I too always thought the good officer was just dreamy, even though his expression (as seen here) always implied he was tragically short on fiber in his diet.

  4. ...ooh 70's TV...Mike Connors, Robert Conrad, James Garner...