Friday, September 25, 2009

Niche Marketing

I'm going to guess that if you're living in, say, Omaha, this is likely not an ad that will appear when you're leafing through YouTube looking for amusing early talkie musical numbers. Here, it's a staple, along with various ads for Arabic music-video channels or Islamic televangelists (yes, they do exist, and yes, they're pretty much as annoying as, say, Rex Humbard or Mother Angelica, even if they don't rise to the heights of Jimmy Swaggart or legendarily flatulent Robert Tilton).

But even this doesn't seem as random as the lengthy listings in several local publications in which members of the NRI (non-resident, i.e. expatriate, Indian) community advertise their matrimonial intentions. It takes a while to get used to the idea of someone listing themselves as the "Christian Kerala boy, 37, clean and well-employed" looking for a bride, or for that matter the parents of "Educated Mumbai-origin girl, 28, MBA and own visa" hoping for the best by looking to a free pennysaver for their daughter's future.

But is it any odder, I suppose, in the end than Manhunt?


  1. We all have to keep passing the open windows. Never know where or when love will find you.

    When asked how we met, Ed & I have both learned to say, "online" without giggling or blushing. And if the questioning continues on to, "Where online?" I generally manage to say "" with forthright gusto.

    Let's hope everyone lives happily ever after.

  2. It's just how dating in the 21st century works. I'm only slightly embaressed to say my bf and I met on the site you mention in your posting! LOL

  3. in most, its the 'wheaten complexion' that seems the be the clinching sales point

  4. Ah, yes - I'd forgotten the "Fair & Lovely" angle so often seen in those ads.

    And as for you two miscreants, Bill and AD, good on you! L'amour, l'amour, as a certain good old girl Countess used to say...