Sunday, September 20, 2009

Road Trip

Yes, it's true. Ermilia has been busy stuffing my best toilettes with tissue, the bags are out, and we've laid on the lap rugs and picnic hampers. While the Muscato Mobile may not be quite on the order of this lovely 1939 Delage Chaperon roadster, we are nonetheless off for a few days of motoring in the region, or at least of motoring interrupted with large doses of luxurious lethargy, the occasional bout of gluttony, and, one hopes, lashings of Champagne or what passes for it in these parts.

If the techno-gods allow, there might be a little checking in from parts yet more exotic, but if not, I trust you all to behave yourselves. Au reservoir!


  1. I anxiously await your reports from the road. It's all rather like a virtual Travels with My Aunt or better still, an Auntie Muscato.

  2. have a lovely time...and don't get your scarf wound around the rear axle.