Saturday, January 10, 2009

Triple Threat

Celebrity widow, fashion goddess, Our Lady of the Flamenco Guitar - really, Charo is the complete entertainer. And I can stare at her for hours, wondering all the while: what do you suppose she stores in her hair?


  1. Based only on her guest appearances on The Love Boat and CBS variety shows, I always considered her a big joke.

    Then I saw her 10 yrs ago as the special guest at a performance of the 70's variety show spoof, "Pete 'n' Keely." Charo played classic Spanish guitar pieces and blew me out of my seat. She was insanely good. I was completely entertained by something I never thought I would have found interesting.

    As for what's hidden in her hair - how about Cugat's ashes?

  2. i've seen her play guitar on tv. she is very serious and wonderful! i couldn't believe it. i think she lives in hawaii...

  3. AHHH!!!! Bill, I saw her in Pete & Keely, too (which I ADORED, by the way -- with and without the guest stars). And yes, the lady has remarkable talent.

    And ta-ta's.

    It just had to be said.

  4. I've always thought that was the most most brilliant thing about Charo's more-or-less-a-joke image: that she's actually a truly gifted artist in a relatively obscure genre (in the States at least) who could actually have been a Serious Performer if she hadn't decided to be a pop-culture phenom...