Saturday, January 10, 2009

Male on the Beach

Monty may have been a troubled boy, but he sure did good things for beachwear...

Sadly, now that I am a stout middle-aged personage, this is no longer the effect I create à la plage. I have, in fact, in recent seasons (and given local styles) even considered the dread caftan, that signifier of elderly queendom around the world. Fortunately, I have so far resisted, going so far only as capacious tees and leg-flattering trunks (I was once rather widely praised for my gams, and they still have a certain something, if I do say so...).

What do you wear to frolic seaside?


  1. On Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook, NJ, I frolic in the all together.

    Elsewhere, it's trunks with at least a 3 or 4 inch inseam...much like Monty in the post.

    My child-bearing hips have always prevented me from wearing a bikini.

  2. Trunks not unlike Miss Clift's, in slate grey. I also have square-cut spandex boy shorts by Hermes which I've never had the, er, balls to actually wear publicly.

  3. I moved directly from Speedos into enormous baggy things that look like they'd fit Shelly Winters. A caftan would actually be an improvement.

  4. lol!!! mr. clift was a hunk,until the auto accident... i used to wear speedos,but alas now i wear large trunks. similar to mr. peenee...