Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Iron Lady

Well, she may not be my favorite (no surprise to those who follow things around here), but even I agree that after a point, personal preferences are irrelevent, and Attention Must Be Paid.

Loretta Young was a great and durable star, even as much as she was an annoying ideologue and something of a stiff-necked religious fanatic, and she could have been 95 today.


  1. You're not alone in your distaste for Miss Young, but even I have to give it up for that gown.

  2. I seem to recall that the movie star was at the fulcrum of an adoption myth of her own. Though her biological mother was alive and well, didn't Little Miss Loretta go to live with some woman named Mae when she was a little girl, who claimed to want to adopt her?
    How can we label this pre-pubescent attraction in the least favorable light for a woman who called her own illegitimate daughter a "walking moral sin"? What is the female equivalent of a Uranian relationship?

  3. yes, yes, tiresomely religious...however, I still greatly admire how she'd sweep through those fabulous double doors at the beginning and end of her TV show. I've practiced for years to have the same smoothness doing that with my double doors, but to no avail (perhaps I'm not wearing enough chiffon)