Thursday, January 8, 2009

And for our Next Number

Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Ann Margret:

Or, Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Glam, in one easy 6:11 video.

This compilation positions our heroine somewhere out there in a world balanced between Dalidaesque excess and vertiginous anxiety. She shares with other great stars an unalloyed and infectious delight with being herself and a certain thrilling element of near-disaster. She is sublime and ridiculous, knows both, and moves on.


  1. Prime source material for the Beyonce Knowles choreography-appropriation committee.

    Kitten with a whip. Le Sigh.

  2. I styled some of my finest moments after my boyhood memories of A-M, and it always paid off.

    That clip was the prefect pick-me-up for a snowy Saturday morning!