Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Boy, Mature Division

This faunlike creature is none other than Egyptian megastar Amr Diab, who since the early 80s has been the closest thing that Arabic music has to a King of Pop - and, as you can see, a far more fetching one than than the West's.

They do have something in common though: at his start, young Amr was a plump, gawky, really rather lumpy young thing - now, as he heads into his late 40s, he is a sleek, chiseled, almost preternaturally youthful personage.

The lesson to be learned: should the need ever arise, one should definitely plump for Beirut over LA to get Serious Work done.

1 comment:

  1. I suspect there's some major air-brushing going on in this photo. I saw some live footage of him quite recently, and he doesn't look all that great.
    Better than when he was a kid in Port Said...definitely. But, in that respect, it doesn't hurt that he's married to a Saudi kazillionairess.
    So much for being a man of the people...