Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birthday Girl: Gallic Glamour

Glamourous French beauty, model, and actress Capucine would have been a mere eighty today, had fate been kinder.

If her American career never quite equaled the amount of publicity it received, she was nonetheless something more than merely decorative in a number of pictures, not least as madam Barbara Stanwyck's Number One Girl in Walk on the Wild Side.

Like so many lovely ladies, she was a Troubled Girl; I hope we all will judge her gently, and remember a time when it was expected that stars would be elegant, distant, cool, and often foreign.


  1. she looks so much like Anouk Aimee, I'd almost mistake one for the other.

  2. How funny - I thought the same thing - I had to go and compare photos, as I couldn't remember which one starred in Justine....

  3. Love her! And I do judge her gently.

  4. loved her in ,"the pink panther."what a talent...