Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Such Devoted Sisters

Fame, like talent, is alas not something easily transferred by genes alone. Whatever it is that sets apart the greatest stars is bestowed on them only, something that these ladies discovered, in varying degrees and each in her own way.

Lottie Pickford, Mary's wild sister;

Aurora Miranda, Carmen's less tempestuous sister;

Roslyn Kind, Barbra's half-famous half-sister*;

Lana Wood, Natalie's Bond-girl sister;

DeDee Pfeiffer, Michelle's classy sister.

* Victim of the ultimate snub: her name in Wikipedia is only a redirect to Barbra. Poor thing.


  1. Good lord, does "the other Pfeiffer" have a bush tattoo?!

  2. pps. and Lana Wood sells, or did, sell her panties on ebay.

  3. Oh, Donna - I'm afraid she does. It was even more apparent in the pix I didn't use. And yet, somehow - Lana Woods has managed to become even trashier! The things I know, thanks to you...