Monday, January 12, 2009

Diva Paraphernalia

Number One: Matching lapdogs are a must.*

* Frequently offset by a third, in human form: male, married, and generous.


  1. I was just listening to the cast recording of Jerry Herman's 1960 off-broadway revue Parade and delighted to Dody Goodman singing Maria in Spats where she begs, "Please let Callas play the palace." Hoping Callas can break into vaudeville after being banned from all the opera houses for her diva behavior.

    Fun stuff. Give it a whirl.

  2. Excuse me, but are we old enough to remember actually being in Horn & Hardarts? And, even if we are, can the Café Muscato really be taking nickels?

    (Smack the head) Oh! Sorry! It's restaurant week in New York. Now I get it!


  3. Actually, as an ex-Philadelphian, I do remember H&H, albeit in their Final Tragic Days.

    I'd like to think we had something around the café for a nickel, but inflation out in this part of the world makes the States look like Easy Street.

    As for restaurant week - ah, memories! Invading tony joints across Manhattan and horrifying the waiters by have the $19.89, $19.90, $19.91, etc., luncheon specials with no add-ons. Although once I remember a lunch (not, obvs, with the usual impoverished crowd of actor/painter/waiters) in which I had that special and my comrades went through $1,500 worth of Beluga and Champagne. Needless to say, we split the check.

  4. The more I read your blog, the more it reminds me... of my blog!