Friday, March 6, 2009

With a Miniskirt On

Oh, my. I... found... this. And I'm not sure if... or when... all will be well again. It's just... Oh, good lord. Watch it.

Was her delivery always so reminiscent of Edith Massey? Was this the moment that The Music Died? What were they thinking? So many questions, so few remaining brain cells...


  1. i've never seen this!!! what is this from????

  2. As you say, Oh good lord. I thought you must be doing a disservice to Miss Massey, until Lucy opened her mouth and croaked out her line. Surely the experience of using stop action photography in a film to pretend Lucy could still dance should have given the producers of Mame pause, but oh no.

  3. Oh, somehow I stumbled on this a few months ago at 5 am....let me just tell you the rest of that week it burrowed a hole into my brain from which I still have not recovered.
    I'm not making the mistake (?) of clicking on this again.

  4. Given the decade.. Im sure this is from a Here's Lucy extremly lost episode.. By the way isnt that Twiggy as one of the girls ???

  5. Apparently, it's from a special called - what else? - "Lucy in London", which featured all sorts of travel-related hijinx, Mr. Mooney, and, yes, in a flash-of-lightning cameo, Twiggy.

    And it's still absolutely horrifying. It's amazing how much, in the stills, Lucy looks like the demented grandmother of Barbie's friend Francie.

  6. Texting from the ambulance... Whatever made her think that she could function without Desi?

  7. Actually, I think it was less the absence of Mr. Arnaz than the reduced presence in her life of Vivian Vance. Also, if I'm not mistaken, Mary Wickes was making more frequent guest appearances - which had to be a destabilizing factor...

  8. hmmm, i have to say, i don't see the big scary problem with this.. silly, yes but not horrifying to my mind.
    Granted, beginning in the late 60s and ending with the sad culminization that was the failed Life with Lucy in 1986, Lucy's artistic endeavours became increasingly questionable.
    I, however, have to disagree with both Muscato and even moreso, RJ, because, I believe that had she trusted herself to choose what she participated in during these later years as opposed to allowing a large chunk of the decisions to be made FOR her by the money hungry, greedy, and appalingly self serving Gary Morton, Lucy almost certainly would have wrapped up her career and in a sense, her lifetime, on a much less tragic note.
    ...and that's this girl's humble opinion.

    By the way, I adore your blog Muscato!
    Expect to see me here regularly.