Friday, March 13, 2009

Small World

I find this pair of dollhouse-accoutrement anthology photos almost hypnotic: mid-century paeans to foot-to-the-inch consumerism, a basement-to-attic review of what the stylish miniature home must have. I'm especially taken with the tiny Regency chaise at 2 o'clock - just the thing for a five-inch high Julianne Moore, in armorlike shirtwaist and lacquered bouff, to throw herself upon in a fit of suburban anomie.


  1. I love these. I wanted a doll house so badly when I was a wee little fruit and was refused in no uncertain terms.

    I'm all about the sideboard.

  2. And what is the thing top center in the accessories shot? A geiger counter?

  3. Hell, I still want a dollhouse and have to be talked out of it occasionally (middle-aged gay men are allowed, I believe, to have either a small cute dog or a highly gender-inappropriate toy - having both only leads to caftans and bronzer-abuse).

    And I think the mystery object may be a servants' bell - the kind hung on the kitchen wall to show who's ringing.

    Or maybe a geiger counter. It was the Cold War, after all...