Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Wave Nubility

Ah, the ephebes of yesteryear! The young and hunky who set our pulses racing back in the day when everyone's hair was two-tone, ties were skinny, and it seemed perfectly unexceptionable to own more than one pair of glittery pink-and-black socks.

Of course, the basic type offered many variations...

Geeky but endearing, for example..

Not to mention foreign and soulful...

Skinny and naughty...

...shading to outright bad-boy (or as bad as you can get with feathered hair)... outright might-as-well-be-porn.

Good times.


  1. I got my first kiss to the big hit by foreign and soulful. It was in a dorm room, and it didn't get much further than the kiss. But I still get misty when Take on Me plays on the oldies stations.

  2. what a lovely story from Bill.

    But where do Mr. Ant and the brothers Kemp fit on here I wonder?

  3. Well, Bill, yours certainly beats mine; I strayed from the path of virtue for the first time with a rabid Olivia Neutron Bomb fan, so it was to the soundtrack of Xanadu. So romantic.

    As for Adam? I feel like he was just a little too rough trade somehow; and I honestly hadn't thought about Spandau B in yonks - they certainly had the cheekbones to join this lineup!