Friday, March 13, 2009

Infirmary Update

Sloe-eyed GP Dr. Jeremy reminds us: quiet, please! Sadly, Mr. Muscato is enjoying poor health (I hope it's a consolation that he's in good company). Aren't we lucky to have a sympathetic (if somewhat mascara-abusing) physician on call at the Café? He has a quite remarkable bedside manner...

As a result, we have had a very languid day, although I did take our little law-breaker out for a brisk walk on the nearby beach promenade, with no sign of law enforcement stepping in (they equally ignored no fewer than two dozen equestrians parading along the sands - hey, guys, at least we go out equipped with plastic bags!).

There seems, in general, to be little of interest in these parts; the gossip grapevine has fallen nearly silent, and the only public event of general interest this week appears to be a state visit by the President of Singapore, which is for reasons unclear generating a great deal of press.

Which, of course, here in opposite-world, means that there are all kinds of things brewing just under the surface, just waiting to burst, lava-like, up to the surface. We shall see. Right now, I have to go put some broth on and get a nice poultice ready for the Invalid. Not to mention a Cosmo for Dr. Jeremy...


  1. I do hope the mister is feeling better soon. How can we all be sick at the same time? I find myself googling "euthanasia" periodically.