Friday, March 27, 2009

The Twig

And her acolytes. Or is it? The original caption simply identifies all involved as "Twiggy lookalikes". Some clearly more successful than others. I think an argument could made that the three in the back might well be gender illusionists in addition to being fans of the willowy supermodel; in fact, I think the one in the boater at the top of the pyramid may be Graham Norton.


  1. Isn't this the Fabulon Board of Directors?

  2. My God - you're quite right!

    I'd blocked it all out, having given up on trying to figure what I was thinking with the plaid accents on that pink suit. Not to mention the hat. Oy. Now you've brought it all back.

    God knows what pharmaceutical combination I'll have to use to get it all tamped back down in the subconscious where it belongs...

  3. That was the board meeting/photo-op where I learned an important fashion rule: Never wear a print that's uglier than the wallpaper. I still cringe at the thought of those stripes.

    Thank goodness Thom pulled focus with his floppy hat!

  4. Note the slightly contemptuous smirk on the Twig’s face. In an ocean of copycats she seems secure in the fact that this particular look suited only herself and no one else.