Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pretty Babies

You know, if fairs and carnivals still had loot like these Kewpies as prizes - instead of knockoff SpongeBobs and aging Peeing Calvin T-shirts - they might be worth a visit for more than the funnelcake and carnie-watching.

I'm very taken with their look, halfway between Mae Questel and Josephine Baker, and with the effect that they have en masse, as if in preparation for a Ziegeld Follies tribute to Lolita.


  1. Those dolls have always reminded me of Shirley Jean Rickett from the Our Gang comedy shorts.

    Poor dear grew up and went on to do some tawdry burlesque as an adult.

    She just passed away earlier this year.

  2. You would have to post this. "Kewpie" was the word that lost my chance at a State Spelling Bee trip in seventh grade.

  3. Oh, dear. So sorry; I had no idea I was opening old wounds. If it's any consolation, "mosquitoes" was my own personal Waterloo...